On The Edge of Hell

Rex Pain Space Soldier #1

Kenneth Guthrie

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2013 Lunatic Ink Publishing

A Rough Flight

HELL WAS A WAR TORN DUMP CALLED JUPITER. Rex Pain steered the silver steel infiltration pod through the heavy laser artillery rounds that were hailing upwards towards them from the planet below the small squad that he was a part of.

"Hold course! We can make it!" His commander screamed over the communication system, sounding more afraid than Rex felt he should have.

Rex shook his head and gripped the controls more firmly, putting all of his concentration into maintaining control of the fragile hunk of steel that he was ‘piloting’ (an odd concept considering it was hurtling towards the planet’s surface at speeds well beyond what was safe.)

That idiot is going to get us all killed, Rex told himself calmly for the fifth time. He had been resigned to the stupidity of Commander Fry from the moment they had hit the dirt in this conflict. Rex’s professional opinion was the man was an absolute moron; unfortunately, today he was well on form: The route they were taking into the atmosphere of the war-torn nether lands of Jupiter was a guaranteed KIA for everybody in the team.

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