Rex switched the message off and spun the view cameras in a 360 degree arc, trying to discern where said ‘impact’ might be coming from.

Damn it!”

He quickly yanked the control stick right, avoiding the flaming insertion pod, which had been torn in half and was streaming various chemicals at its rear. He vaguely recognized that it was Commander Fry’s pod as he zipped past it.


You have to be kidding me.”

Rex sighed as he stared at the screen. He was now the boss and the implications of that message were sinking in slowly. Would they blame him for any further losses? Rex didn’t care about what anyone in HQ thought, but they had a habit of making commanders who burned their soldiers up too quickly into cannon fodder. Rex was smart enough to know he wouldn’t want that, even if the challenge of surviving such a move excited him.

I can’t afford to kiss the maiden of death yet.

Rex had priorities. He wanted to win and winning meant living. He would not lose to a little idiocy.

He quickly accessed the command network and gave his orders.

"Change to the new collective trajectory immediately and keep your formations tight. We can't afford any stragglers."

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