Not My War

Rex Pain Space Soldier #3

Kenneth Guthrie

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2013 Lunatic Ink Publishing


IT WAS THE HARDEST FIGHT OF REX’S LIFE. Mars burned in multicolor glows of blazing beauty that seemed to go on forever to Rex’s suit enhanced eyes. The red sky of the sand planet was a hell created for man to trim the fat from the weak and weary war torn human race that had expanded to the reaches of the galaxy and beyond, only to find that resources – the source of all war in 2521 – were limited in an environment were rampant consumption was the norm and the human worlds consumed their fill at a frenzied pace that left little doubt that the end was near.

He ducked low as a laser light shell hit the ground just past where the squad had dug its foxholes. The enemy was getting closer with every shot. Rex looked up wondering if they might have some form of reconnaissance drone up there. The word on the network was that the enemy was being much too efficient. Infiltrators, traitors or technology: which would it be?

A big burst of fire came close enough to throw rock and debris over his position. He could feel the heat of the artillery round’s energy burning off in a big wave of fire. He grinned as the usual agony of scorched skin flowed over him. He knew this pain well and relished it. This was the taste of war. Some men relished the feeling of living. Rex relished the feeling of death – or coming close to it.

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