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Senior Showers

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Roger Aylworth

Copyright 2013

Smashwords Edition

On Growing Older

It’s Time for Senior Showers

In the last few months my dear bride, the saintly Susan, has been attending showers of various flavors at an amazing pace. It seems like hardly a weekend has passed that she hasn't been off to celebrate an impending wedding, birth, or some other equally momentous event in somebody's life, and I have to say I'm getting just a touch jealous.

It's not that I feel left out. There are events in life -- such as a bridal shower -- that even a lout such as myself recognizes are entirely for the female side of the species. No, the envy is not about not being able to attend the festivities. My concern is decidedly more unreasonable: If you start looking at the nature of these "showers," they are all aimed at the younger third of the population.

Take my little family group as an example. Susan had one bridal shower and seven baby showers. In truth, she didn't have showers for most of the boys, but the advent of Rebecca as number seven did spawn a deluge.

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