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Flight of Fantasy: An Erotic Journey in a Tangled Web of Love and Passion

Art Abrams & Amelia Pond

Copyright SandsPublishing 2013

Published by SandSPublishing at Smashwords

ISBN: 9781301803231

Print ISBN-13: 978-1480212343

Print ISBN-10: 1480212342


Ian is writer by day and an erotic lover by night and Jennifer is a wife by day and an erotic wench by night but in their dreams only. Each is happily married yet their sexual fulfillment is missing with their respective spouses. Both love their spouses dearly yet both need to find a sexual outlet for their erotic fantasies.

Late one night Ian spots Jenny on his life style website. He sends her a brief message, that he is an erotic writer on Amazon. She immediately responds and from that moment a relationship blossoms through the sexual exploits of two desperate lovers that dearly need the heat and passion of full grown adult sex. This books sizzles from their first meeting where Jenny lets herself be seduced by Ian across an outdoor public picnic table.

From there, the heat, passion and erotica of these two lovers are fully exposed chapter by heated chapter, to its climatic end on the island of the Devil’s Hideout off the shore of Costa Rica. This book is charged from start to end but with a very clever twist as their passion for each other strangely affects their spouses. Sexual liberation is the goal. Harmony, love and the rekindling of desire for all is their crowning conquest!

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