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101 Favorite Columns


Columnist Roger H. Aylworth

Copyright 2013

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I was the editor of a small daily newspaper in the north end of the California's Central Valley when one day I stumbled upon the obvious. Our little paper was doing a bang-up job informing our readers about the events – mostly grim – that took place every day. The problem was that fulfilled only half of our mission.

Back in the Dark Ages, when I got my journalism degree, I was taught a newspaper was to inform and to entertain. Informing we did well, but entertaining was an entirely different matter. Joy, humor, the pleasures of family life, the chance to giggle was just absent from our pages, and I took it upon myself to try to remedy that great failing. Once a week, I would find a way to make people laugh, but it had to be humor people wouldn't be embarrassed to laugh at.

I didn't want biting humor. I didn't want it to be topical. I didn't

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