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Bridgett Walther, Author

Valerie Beth Gilbert is one of a kind. Well, of course she is: a sassy Greek New Yorker who knows the city and subway system better than anyone else I know. Full disclosure: I LOVE and RESPECT Valerie and her work. I love publishing her wry, witty, sometimes gut-wrenching, and always TRUE stories on my front page. If you want to know what New York is about from a guide with a brilliant sense of it and its history, and all with a wild sense of humor, talk to Valerie. She knows the best pizza joints, coffee shops, and one-of-kind gourmet restaurants. That’s where we go to celebrate good times together! She lives and breathes the city. Valerie is also a gifted guide for truly magical, healing meditations. She’s Ms. New York, and my virtual sister. Damn, I’m so proud of her! You will treasure this book, re-read it repeatedly, and tell your friends to buy it. Yeah. She’s THAT good! - Bridgett Walther, author, Conquer the Cosmos, (Penguin/Plume) and owner,

Astrologers Bridgett Walther and Hazel Dixon-Cooper (represented by Dupree-Miller & Associates) are writing a book about Pluto, to be published by Beyond Words in early 2014.

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