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Painted Secrets

by Maria Mitchell

Copyright Maria Mitchell 2012

Published by The Trashy Novel Corp at Smashwords


As a child Zia Somerset feels alone and lost. All she wants is to be loved but knows there is some mysterious secret being kept from her. At the age of eighteen, her mother commits suicide and her friend Grandpa Murphy dies unexpectedly of a heart attack. She learns from his attorney that she was adopted and Grandpa Murphy was her maternal grandfather.

Attorney Watson has no other information to give Zia except that she has become heir to a sizable fortune from her grandfather. Zia knows there must be some powerful secrets to be uncovered.

Looking for new adventures in her life and eager to leave her sheltered life in Petaluma, CA, Zia pursues her long standing artistic talent in San Francisco where at her first Gallery exposition meets a colorful young artist named JP LaPierre. Attracted by his seductive personality and good looks, JP convinces her to join him on his train trip in Mexico. Zia can't refuse the call of adventure and leaves on the trip with him against the angry wishes of her boyfriend Henry Lanaway.

As JP and Zia travel through Mexico, her small world expands quickly and she boldly embraces the exciting experiences of a a new and colorful culture. Zia finds JP a lesson in himself as he becomes more possessive of her and difficult to deal with. She realizes that she truly could not judge this book by its cover and knows that JP has conned her with his silky words. Zia is determined to complete the trip not only because she is enjoying her newly found freedom but to prove to herself that she is independent and strong.

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