Body Swap Bliss

Published by Gregor Daniels at Smashwords

Copyright 2013 Gregor Daniels

For ADULTS Only. All Characters Over 18.

I had often thought about going after another woman before. It was this curiosity that kept eating at my mind, but I usually ignored it. Years had passed since I first felt it, and the faint spark of my animalistic nature had grown into a full hunger after years of marriage.

Even though Kylie and I had been married for thirteen years, we seemed to be farther apart than we had ever been. Our normal nights would consist of us watching the television in mutual silence, or perhaps I would be on the computer and she would be reading in solitude. Sometimes she would say something about the weather or suddenly speak up about a friend at work. The conversations were usually one or two sentences, and my replies were even shorter. A quick nod or a small grumble and I was back into my own little world, browsing the internet or talking to friends. What had started as a proposal into love and compassion had turned into shackles restraining me.

Kylie was by no means unattractive. Her figure had blossomed in the past few years alone, and she had become this striking figure of womanhood. Whether it was the lack of exercise or a larger food intake, her hips and breasts had grown noticeably from when we first met. It wasn't something which made her ugly either, but rather it was this soft padding that turned her from the beanpole of a girl out of college into this curvaceous bombshell of a woman.

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