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“Yes I will,” I protested stubbornly.

He took my shoulders in his hands as if to shake some sense into me. “You are not mortal, no matter what you do. Even if you try to become human, you will still be reborn until you decide to give up your humanity.”

I gave him a sad smile. “This is the only life that I will remember who I really am. Whenever I am reborn again, I will not remember being the daughter of Thesis. I can have a human life. In fact, I can have an infinite number of them.”

“I will always come back for you,” he vowed.

I patted his cheek with my palm and gave him a sad smile. “I know, but I wish you would not. I will not even remember you. You can try, but you will never get me home. Not in this life or any other.”

He grabbed my hand as I was about to walk away. “You ran away not three days ago. What if one day you want to return home?”

I shook my head quickly. “Then you will try to convince me, will you not? I will see you one day. Good luck, my friend. I will miss you.”

I yanked myself free from his grasp. I drove the knife into my heart and died.


“I’m Maxine Miller with Know Now News reporting live. Back to you in the studio.”

“And cut!” the cameraman called.

Maxine dropped her saccharine smile and handed her microphone over to her cameraman. The little girl at my side slipped her hand from mine and ran over to her. “Mommy!” she called. Maxine scooped her up and walked to where I was still standing.

Maxine balanced the little girl on her hip and tucked away a stray brown hair with her free hand. The little girl did the same, trying to be a miniature copy of her mother. “Thanks so much for watching her, Lyra,” she gushed.

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