Living in the Lower Chakras


Linda Jordan




Living in the Lower Chakras

Chapter 1 – Lily

The cold November rain pounded onto the windshield making it almost impossible to see. The brooding clouds didn’t help. It was rush hour and almost dark already. The wipers on her battered Subaru wagon needed replacing. Even at top speed, they couldn’t cope. Lily shifted in her seat, tapping her long, manicured nails on the steering wheel, waiting for the light to turn.

Her friend, Heather, said, “Go, go, go!” the instant the light turned green.

Lily wove back and forth between lanes, driving from the rain spattered crowds of Capital Hill to the completely drenched students in the U. District.

Heather pulled out her cell to check the time and shrieked, “We’ll make it. We will!”

Lily smiled at Heather’s exuberance. She pulled into the small parking lot, only to find it full. They had to park in the overflow lot a block away, snagging the last open spot and nearly mowing down a newspaper box, trying to get into the space.

She sighed, grabbed her bag, decided to leave her coat, locked the car and raced up the street after Heather. Where did Heather get her energy? Lily was thirty-eight, but she didn’t remember having that much oomph at twenty.

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