Ellie’s First Puppy
Written by Lisa Arnold
Published by Marquette Press at Smashwords

One beautiful summer day, ten-year-old Ellie Anderson woke up to the sun shining in her face. It was Saturday, so there was no school. Saturday was also another special day for her.

It was her birthday!

Ellie sat up in her bed excited that her birthday was on the weekend.

She got up, made her bed, brushed her teeth, brushed her hair, and put on her outfit she picked out the night before.

Ellie, breakfast time!” said her mother from downstairs in the kitchen.

Coming Mom!” said Ellie as she came down the stairs.

Mmm, it smells good in here.” said Ellie, with a smile on her face.

I’m cooking French toast.” Her mother told her.

Oh, I love French toast!” Ellie said, excited.

I know something else you are going to love! How about your birthday surprise?” Her mother asked her. Ellie became excited.

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