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Bought by the Billionaire: The Complete Collection


by Lorelei Knox



Table of Contents

Virginity for Sale

Yes Sir!

Bought & Bred


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Virginity For Sale




I stood in the middle of the room shivering. The air conditioning was turned up way too high and I wasn’t wearing anything except a bra, panties, and a pair of high heels. Gideon Westmore walked around me and I could feel him silently critiquing. Did he like what he saw? Did he feel he got his money’s worth? I stood stiffly as he concluded his observation.

“Miss Powers,” he said, “allow me to clarify our situation here. I have purchased your virginity for a fairly large sum of money. I feel this entitles me to arrange our rendezvous as I see fit. If at any point you decide you are not willing to do what I ask, you are free to leave. Obviously, if you decide to leave our financial arrangement will be null and void. Is this both clear and acceptable?”

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