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Retire to Asia!

Luxury Living for Pennies!
2nd Edition


Ken Silver

Text and photos copyright
2012 Ken (Kenneth) Silver
All Rights Reserved

Smashwords Edition

Dedicated to the oceans, beaches, jungles, temples,
nightlife and peoples of Asia, both Southeast Asia
and otherwise.


I ought to have taken up betting on the horses!

It seems that I called it right when I wrote in the first edition of Retire to Asia that the working class of America and Europe were going to face more and more “economic persecution” from the wealthiest members of society, to put it politely.

True, I didn’t quite expect for Europe to start shattering socially so spectacularly as its safety networks and high quality of life came under siege.

And then, in Cyprus, the doctrine of stealing from the depositors to pay for the gambling habits of the banks seriously suggested…

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