Jaco de Beer's

Camelthorn Giants:


Published by Camelthorn Books at Smashwords

Copyright 2013 by Jaco de Beer

ISBN: 9781301885695

This is still a work in progress and far from a completed book. Don't embarrass yourself by copying my work because I am not a native English speaker and there might still be many mistakes that I am not even aware of. Visit our website or sign up for the newsletter on the progress that I am making in writing old Coenraad's story.


Structure of the “Camelthorn Giants” trilogy

This giant story can best be told in three parts:

In the first part I would like to present the evidence and subtle clues that Coenraad de Buys and his friends came across during their travel to the area around the Zoutpansberg. This part is called EXPLORE because that is really what they did that winter of 1796. For about six months they travelled mostly on horse-back into the unknown areas North of the Gariep River. During this adventure, Coenraad fell in love with the country around the Zoutpansberg and realized that age-old trade routes might lead him to untold riches.

Coenraad packed up all his belongings and a substantial family, to cross the great Gariep River and lead them into the wild unknown of Southern Africa. The second part could be called EXODUS because it became an epic journey where he systematically searched the interior of South Africa for these ancient trade routes that would lead him to the elusive land of Ophir. In the process he got involved with some shady characters and fell foul of the law and mostly the English government in the Cape. His travels also took him to some exotic and out of the way places, very few people knew about. He discovered the ruins of mighty African kingdoms covered under sand or hidden in the bush and learned about trade with far away places that has been going on for thousands of years.

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