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End of the Heirloom: War of the Worlds

By Kirk Posadas

SmashWords Edition

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This book is the author’s take on fiction based from the author’s perspective on war, love and hate. You can see how the author plays with countries focusing on each continent and notable countries for each.

This book is not yet finished though as it intends to show the author’s writing style and would want to show it to you for a minimal price. If you liked what you are going to read, please try his other books published here in Smashwords and/or leave a review.


Couldn’t breathe…Huffing and puffing…Is this the end? Am I seeing the door? Will I be able to survive this? Pvt. 1st Class Gavin Coroner is knocked down in the midst of an atrocious battle between the Chosen Imperial Army and the hostile army of the world. He is feeling numb and couldn’t get up. He couldn’t see as a result of flash bangs that he encountered along the way. He couldn’t even hear after all those bombs that have dropped very near to him, 10 meters the least. He didn’t even know where he is now or what happened to his comrades. What he only knows is that he is confused whether he is still alive… He only knows that he is battling for peace, battling for restoring order to save the whole world.

It is 2099, the world has gone berserk. All countries are battling for supremacy to obtain the power to rule and dictate which should be done in the political, economical, social and even spiritual aspects. The alliances were divided by continents. The European powerhouse army led by France, Germany, Russia and Spain are called UMECOW (United Militia for Euro Currency Overtaking of the World) which has the main aim to unify and make the Euro as the standard currency to be used in the world. The North and South American strength led by United States, Puerto Rico, Argentina and Canada are called AVOUPP (Allied Vigilantes for Obtaining Universal Political Power) which has the main aim to obtain the political and administrative machinery under one man, which is the US President. The lethal combination of Oceania, Africa, and Antarctica were led by Australia, New Zealand, Nigeria and South Africa are called UCSAP (Unified Continents for Social Acceptance and Power) which has the main aim to erase social unrest and racism and make the minorities, the new majority. And lastly, the Asian force led by Japan, China, Turkey, Lebanon and Kazakhstan are called CFROW (Combined Forces for Religious Overtaking of the World) which has the main aim to obtain one religion for the whole world which is called “SlimBudh”, a combination of Muslim and Buddhism principles. All armies have their own aims and targets, but they don’t get along too well, and that started a terrible battle for supremacy all over the world.

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