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Ocean Of Fire

Emma Daniels

Copyright 2011 by Emma Daniels

Smashwords Edition

Chapter One

This cocktail party is just another excuse for women to make fashion statements and for men to consume large quantities of alcohol,” Nicole said crossly, as she stood watching her mother rummage through her walk-in-wardrobe.

Gail Cameron was searching for an outfit Nicole could wear to the event celebrating the upcoming Sydney to Hobart yacht race, an occasion Nicole had no desire whatsoever in attending.

Nicole was still angry with her father for asking a complete stranger to crew his yacht instead of his own daughter. She knew the real reason was because she was a woman. His reasoning that she didn’t possess the strength or stamina to survive the gruelling sail south was merely an excuse. Nicole had proven to him time and again what a good sailor she was. Reminding him that two thirds of the yachts in the race would have women aboad hadn’t swayed him either. His insistence she come to the cocktail party was the final straw.

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