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A Tween Fantasy Novella by Shellie Neumeier

Princess Ally’s thirteenth birthday dawns with the promise of gifts, parties, and her first royal gift, a signet ring that carries the mark of her family crest. Used by the royal family, the crest marks every decree and law the king and queen issue. When Ally’s royal ring disappears, Tallah, a mysterious newcomer, offers her help. Princess Ally accepts, but soon discovers her adventure has thrust them into the center of a dangerous uprising.

Matwau warriors raid Cory’s village, capturing every able-bodied man, woman, and child. When Cory escapes, he sends for Ally’s help. Ally and Tallah agree to rescue his family, but before they complete their mission, Tallah disappears. Ally cannot ask for the king’s aid. She’s kept her friendship with Cory and their search for The Wishing Ring a secret from her family. Now, as mystery and mayhem collide, Ally and Cory realize Tallah is the key to finding Ally’s ring and Cory’s family. If either is to be saved, they must find Tallah.

The King’s Seal

by Shellie Neumeier

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