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The "Reverse-Sting" Job Search Technique

or: Getting the Best Chance to Find the Career/Job You Want!

William Delbert Secrest III

Copyright William Secrest 2013

Published at Smashwords

Everyone who is looking for a job follows the same routine: 1) You create a resume that highlights your skills, abilities, talents and background; 2) You frantically search for a company who will even look at your resume; and 3) You send it to a company with an advertised opening and pray that you have the best resume for the position.

Well, what if you could find out about an opening before it was known to the general public? before the job was even available? What if you could obtain an actual resume that was a model resume for just the opening that you were applying for? This technique will do that, and more!

We all know the value of networking. How posting in social media and asking professional colleagues about possible job openings will eventually yield results. This idea, however, goes beyond networking!

This technique is one that when I first thought of it, it was like a flashbulb went off inside my head. I wondered how is it that no one else had thought about it, and in fact, it appeared to be so logical that I began to wonder if I hadn't developed the next generation of job search techniques! This is one of those fantastic ideas that only come along rarely.

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