I have been atop enough canyon rims to have witnessed hawks and eagles navigating the canyon by simply gliding over it. I have imagined being the hawk or eagle and looking down at the canyon below. The cars traveling the asphalt ribbon through the canyon look tiny. It is the river, though, that I follow as a hawk or eagle. That is where the life-force is concentrated.

And the river, of course, shows us that there is yet another way to navigate the canyon, and that is to simply go with the flow. Have you ever imagined being a drop of water dripping off a glacier atop a lofty peak? Have you followed the long trek of that drop of water as it flows into a high alpine mountain stream and then into a mountain river that, over time, has cut a mighty swath through solid rock? Have you ever imagined being that drop of water as it flows through the canyon? How would that drop of water experience the ride through the canyon? Having flowed over so many rocks on its course down the mountain how is the vibration of that drop of water affected?

Water is very powerful. It can sculpt solid rock. Consciousness is very powerful, too. It can sculpt a seemingly solid reality.

There are many ways to travel a canyon. The hawk and eagle go with the flow of the air currents. The water goes with the flow of gravity. Whether one is flowing through the canyon or gliding above it or driving through it, canyons are very conducive to flow.

Now, instead of going with the flow through the canyon, imagine being the canyon. Feel that flow flowing through you. How does that feel? Feel the water flowing through you, feel the air flowing through you, and feel the life-energy flowing through you. The flow never stops and there is no real resistance to it. The most solid of rock is reshaped by the flow, and eventually succumbs to it completely.

Canyons are great things. When you have been to enough of them you start imagining things like being the flow or being the canyon. Canyons are splendid metaphors for the duality in which we live.

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