Pandemic Influenza: Mental Health Response

Peter M. Yellowlees, MD

Kathleen M. Ayers, PsyD


Both authors worked on this project under a grant from the California Department of Health Services to the UCDavis Health System. We have refrained from making recommendations regarding products or services. We limit talk to pathophysiology, diagnosis and research findings, and support this information with the best available evidence from medical literature. More details (including videos of survivors of the 1918-1919 pandemic) are available, free of charge, at On the left side of that screen, select Online CME, and then scroll down the modules.

We received assistance on some modules from the following people: Walter Boyce, DVM; Warner Hudson, MD; Valerie Lucus, CEM, CBCP; and Christian Sandrock, MD; all are affiliated with the University of California—Davis.


List of websites in document:

US Government


American Psychological Association’s Help Center—The Road to Resilience

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