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Dead Earth: The Vengeance Road

Mark Justice and David T. Wilbanks

Published by Permuted Press at Smashwords.

Copyright 2010 Mark Justice and David T. Wilbanks

The Future…


“I need to kill something.”

Mother ignored the man on the big Harley. Luther Kemp was in love with the sound of his own voice and these mutts who rode with him hung on Kemp’s every word. Most of the crew were scumbags: ex-cons, drug dealers, sociopaths and losers who had banded together in celebration of the collapse of the civilized society that had shown them nothing but scorn.

Mother felt out of place with this bunch.

He had been bouncing at a club in Cabo when everything went to shit. The phones were out, so he couldn’t reach his sister or her family in California. He had stolen the old Kawasaki Vulcan out of some driveway and headed north. All it took was one encounter with a group of resurrected dead to convince him that traveling alone wasn’t wise. After barely escaping, Mother hooked up with Kemp and his gang outside Muleje, where they had been depleting the local tequila supply and sharing two whores. One of the bikers, an ex-cop named Foster, had a working sat-phone. Mother had borrowed it and called Jennifer up in LA. Once he knew she was safe, he was able to relax a little. He was in no hurry to get back to the States. In fact, he was in Mexico specifically to stay off the radar of U.S. law enforcement. Traveling with a cop, even if he was a former cop, made Mother jumpy. But for now, Luther and his gang were his best bet for survival. These eight men weren’t Mother’s first choice in traveling companions, but it was safer than riding solo. He was a large man and wore the disfiguring scars from many fights--there wasn’t much he had ever feared. But this was a new world, and it contained more horror than Mother had ever imagined.

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