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Unfortunate Discovery

By Michael P. Rogers

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2013 Michael P. Rogers


The space craft was finally ready after being fuelled up. The technicians had made their final checks and were satisfied that everything was in order. The crew members had volunteered, knowing the dangers that they might encounter. A new planet had been discovered millions of miles away among the stars which had all the promises of being habitable, but a visit to the planet was necessary to confirm the findings. The round trip would far exceed the life span of the crew, so they would be spending most of the long journey in suspended animation.

Their home planet, Zrilkon was slowly dying, its atmosphere gradually leaking away into space. Resources were dwindling and the world was in turmoil. The most they could hope for was two hundred years before their planet became barren and unable to support life, according to the experts. They wasted no time in preparing themselves. Fleets of passenger ships were being built optimistically, to carry as many of the population as possible to the new world, after it had been proved to be habitable upon the return of the exploratory visit.

Countdown reached zero and the space craft left Zrilkon carrying all the hopes and dreams of the entire planet with it. After the craft was well on its way the crew climbed into the life support pods, reluctantly, but knowing it was the only way that they could survive the epic journey. They wished each other well, strapped themselves in and activated the computer controlled machinery that would keep their bodies in stasis until they reached their destination.

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