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Judging Jayden

Emma Daniels

Copyright 2011 by Emma Daniels

Smashwords Edition

Chapter One

Stephanie leant across the table and said in a low voice; "A man just walked in and sat down near the windows, and boy is he hot!"

Faith rolled her eyes at the tall, attractive redhead sitting opposite. Stephanie was as outrageous as her hair, and her flashing hazel eyes danced with mischief as she grinned back at her friend. She fanned herself with a well-manicured hand, drawing attention to her low cut, body-hugging electric blue top. Her make-up was, as always, over-stated, and her fingernails panted an iridescent shade of pink. But for some reason she always managed to carry it off without looking like a tart.

In comparison, Faith was short and petite; with long, wavy honey-blonde hair she usually wore tied back with a plain clip or scrunchie. Whereas Stephanie dressed up, Faith hid her neat little figure under loose blouses and long flowing skirts. She rarely wore make-up, and looked younger than her twenty-five years. Today she was wearing her usual work attire; a pair of navy blue pants and a plain white blouse buttoned all the way to her neck.

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