Thank you to Lib for being my strength, my soul, my voice of reason, my guiding light.

Thank you Takenya and Sam for being my joy, my happiness, my reason to be the best that I can be. Even when you’re driving me completely insane.

Thanks to Barry for continuing to make these books look great.

Thanks to Jen, Alan, Mike, Bruce and Candice for having my back.

And thank you to all of the readers who continue to inspire and support me. I couldn’t do this without you.


Salt waves crash against the icy shore. Drowning moments held frozen. Everything smothered by a tapestry of dreams.

The gate hums with the sound of an engine. Burning runes on the archway slice through the fog and reveal a surface made of black ice. The doorway is ready to break. Some barely contained terror of the night lands pushes from the other side.

The moment stretches out. She has to act now, because soon it will be too late. She descends into a smelted crater. Mounds of ash cover the charred bones of forest beasts.

The six-armed woman is there. Her garbled arcane speech echoes into the storm of shadows above. Bloody light spills from her eyes. The Witch’s Eye is with her, leaking smoke and power.

Cold light bleeds from the gate. Dark-skinned vampires stand rigid, entranced. Their flesh crusts and peels away. Necrotic energies drip from their fingers and stain the ground.

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