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Smashwords Edition

To all the Dreamers of the world.


Take it from someone who has been alive for almost five hundred years, society and its people never really change. We have all heard the cliché “History repeats itself.” In my many years I have discovered this tired saying to be true. Technology improves, power changes hands, but yet the same mistakes are made over and over again. If one were to take a look back into history, one would see that, though the object of desire may be different, wars are often fought for the same reasons: money, power, freedom, and resources. Many events in history seem to reoccur. It is also amazing that the way we as humans love never really changes either. However, I am not writing my memoir in an attempt to change society, though I do hope that it is educational to some degree. I am simply putting into writing what I have seen for those who find it interesting and so I will not forget. In doing so, I imagine even the most uneducated readers will recognize the historical trends that humanity seems doomed to repeat. My plight cycles around the matters of the heart, and the mistakes I was doomed to repeat. Of course, before anyone reading this will take me seriously, I must first explain who I am and more importantly what I am.

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