At 238,300 miles away

what is it the moon represents; intuition, emotions, inner life, the female

principle, the ying energy, initiation into the mystery systems? Just what is

her celestial purpose as she changes her appearance in the night sky effecting

our moods, behavior and emotions. Numerous mysteries have always surround

the moon; at 180 degrees the moon will be in opposition to the sun birthing a “full moon.”

Legends from the earliest times of man veil the moon in superstition and fear.

On the opposite end of the spectrum she has been venerated revered and honored by the Dogon of Mali in West Africa and the Yoruba of Nigeria associate the moon with the deity Yemoja spirit of the ocean with many attributes one being the influences of the moon. She is associated with the feminine mysteries as well.

Other cultures acknowledge this celestial body as well; despite her distance of over 238,300 miles away from us. These moon goddess worshiping cultures include the Caelestis of the ancient Carthaginians of North Africa, the Suk and Pokot of Kenya and Uganda in East Africa. In ancient Iran the Elamites acknowledges in their scriptures the moon god Napir. The Fon of Benin acknowledged Mawu or Gieti as a deity associated with the moon.

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