The Fourth Branch

John Pepin

Copyright John Pepin 2013

Smashwords Edition


I was pondering this question one evening; “Is there a way to restrain the Elite from abusing the power invested in them, their constant press to move towards oppression and their blatant abuse of political power, if so then how? So that government serves all and is not served by all.” The next morning I had an idea. Here is the main problem...

Human governments have all shown themselves to be deficient, in that they have all become undermined and corrupted by the very people, appointed or elected, to maintain them. This has led to the downfall of city states, empires and nations of men. History, philosophy and psychiatry all tell us that the weak link is the human being. Yet it it is the human being that is entrusted with the protection of the societal myth... the founding principles if you will. The powerful seek more power and are above their own laws, they are in fact, Thrasymachus' heirs. That person invested with political power, the ultimate of secular powers, will use that power to enrich him or herself at cost to the rest of humanity. People are people, we are all susceptible, because of our nature.

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