Whenever human beings are involved with anything, no matter the importance, we bring egos, self interest and personal animosity to the table. We are driven by emotions the greatest among us no less than the least among us. Any government constituted by men and administered by men will be deficient in this way. It is inherent in the rule of men over Man.

We all have egos the bigger the man the bigger the ego. No matter if he is a he... or a she. When we administer anything our ego grows. As it grows it becomes sensitive to any slight. Bureaucracy provides the perfect environment for a person's ego to grow. Nurturing that sense of entitlement and superiority to the masses. Bureaucracy providing an avenue of unrestrained power to frustrate entrepreneurs, it creates security from oversight by government red tape, and a union, if there is one, enhances this quality of bureaucracy. If the bureaucrat is lower paid than the proletariat, he or she is “righteously” offended, and if the public servant is paid more, their sense of arrogance grows with their wealth. Both attitudes lower the quality of the work that comes from our public servants, and creates an environment that grows regulation, in both scope and reach.

When self interest is rightly understood, it is a good thing, and a right motivator. But when self interest supersedes reason... it is called egoism. The egoist has, yes, a bloated ego... but more to the point, the egoist is only concerned with personal self interest. The egoist puts his or her self interest above all others no matter the cost. Egoism is, simply put, is absolute self interest. Because of the ability of the bureaucrat to create regulation and evade law, Government is a magnet for the egoist.

No one among us is immune to personal disputes especially the egoist. It is the nature of social living. We must test each other to see what is and is not acceptable. Sometimes this goes too far or rubs an inflated ego wrong and personal animosity results. This animosity can dramatically interfere with the workings of any social organization, especially a hierarchical one like government. Egoists are likely to do things that stop production until their personal feelings are assuaged. In the private sector competition provides a feed back mechanism, people must be self controlled, but in government bureaucracy, egoists have found an rich ecological niche.

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