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Look at the person who runs for office whether locally or nationally. They usually seek to get their projects through government red tape while stymieing the projects of their competitors. This was referred to by Joseph Schumpeter. Once a person has become wealthy by capitalism they immediately become socialists. This allows them to close the door they came through to obtain their wealth, on other would be competitors, with a clear conscious. Overtly, they are forwarding the cause of social equality, but they are really protecting their own narrow personal interests. Political office is rife with these people. Examine your own local town fathers and see for yourself if this isn't true.

As Bastiat said, politicians consider the people as lab rats, to be manipulated as the Elite see fit in their great social experiments. In their hubris, the socialist politician believes that if only the nature of humanity could be changed, their social experiments could improve the lot of Mankind. They don't understand that changing the nature of man will never work. We have become the way we are over many millennium of evolution or intelligent design... whichever you believe. To think that we can be changed into ants... is as idiotic as it is egoistic. So, changing any of the fundamental qualities of humanity is logically out of the question. We are, who we are, and for any governmental system to work, we must design it to work within the attributes of who and what we are. Reality restrains us... as well as the Marxist. The difference is that we recognize it and the Marxist doesn't.

With these shortcomings in mind, we are tasked to come up with a way to impede the negative aspects of humanity, for reasons of right government, but without impeding the advancing course of civilization... In both mankind and in men. This is a tall order. But one that, when answered, will enlighten the reader and empower the masses... were it implemented.

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