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Author’s Note on the ‘Tales from The Wild Side’

The Wild Side is a fictional gay nightclub situated in London’s Soho district, where extremely wealthy and powerful men enjoy games of sexual debauchery. The series of books which comprise the ‘Tales from The Wild Side’ is centred on the club and the people who are involved with it. All the books have a gay erotic theme with a strong BDSM slant.

Each book is a stand-alone work and they can be read in any order. There is a chronological sequence, however, which would make sense to follow if all the books are to be read. In order to create this timeline, some of the original versions of the books have been altered, the first two in the series having been significantly changed. The sequence of books to date, with original titles shown in brackets if applicable, are:

Welcome to The Wild Side (based upon - The Spanking Room)

A Taste of The Wild Side (based upon - The Unchained Slave)

Made for Auction

Fisting Night at The Wild Side (originally known as - Fisted!!!)

Christmas at The Wild Side

The Wild Side of Paddy McGuire

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