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Ybor Noir -

A Frank Geddy Detective Short

From Noir De Jure


John David

Copyright © 2012 John David


Smashwords Edition

ISBN: 9781301400805

Available online in all ebook formats (v.1212)

~Ybor Noir~

Frank “Giddy” Geddy wasn’t a morning person. He never had been. Mornings were for people with nothing better to do than hassle people with better stuff to do, like sleep. Or recover from a hangover, like Frank. No good-hearted person would ever call you, or pound on your door at 11 AM on a Sunday. Anyone who did wasn’t a friend of yours, and probably never would be.

Frank’s friends knew better, which meant that whatever asshole was knocking on his door wasn’t one of them. Which meant they wanted something, probably money, which Frank didn’t have. Thus the no answering the door.

“Mr. Geddy? Mr. Geddy, please! I need your help!” The banging continued.

The voice was female but not feminine. A little rough around the edges, like Frank. He was listening now.

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