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Open Seas

Colleen Yuras

Copyright 2013 Colleen Yuras

Smashwords Edition

Chapter 1: Beginning Of A Journey

I stood up in the crow’s nest and looked around at the open sea around me. Everyone scrambled around beneath me doing what they were supposed to do. I was about to climb down when someone grabbed me from behind and covered my eyes.

Guess who,” the person said in a male voice.

I sighed and pulled his hands away from my face and quickly elbowed him in the gut. “Hello Stephen,” I smiled innocently as he doubled over in pain. I grabbed the nearby rope and slid down toward where the others were.

I didn’t introduce myself though. I have dishwater blonde hair tied up in a tail. Not a ponytail. Sounds too girly. My eyes are hazel-greenish color. You may think I’d be one to wear all sorts of jewelry that we have stolen and probably be the princess of this ship. Not really. I’m a regular here. I only have three rings. Though the other two are just for shits and kicks, one of them is very sentimental to me. I got it from my mom. That is all I’m going to say. My name... I forgot to say earlier. It is the most beautiful, exotic, rare name that it is...

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