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To the readers: Thank you for embracing the boys of Black Falcon. All of your love and support means more to me then you’ll ever know.

Black Falcon Series Reading Order

Rock the Heart (Black Falcon, #1)

Rock the Band (Black Falcon, #1.5)

Rock My Bed (Black Falcon, #2)

Chapter 1

Light flickered across the room as the bus rolled down the highway. The constant rumble of the wheels below us comforted me as I held the woman I loved in my arms. This was finally home. Everything I needed was on this bus. Lane had finally chosen to give herself over to me and be completely mine.

I traced my fingertips over the soft skin on her bare shoulder as she rested her head against my chest. I admit I was shocked to see her in the bar earlier tonight at the end of my gig.

That Riff could be a sneaky bastard. He was always able to pull fast ones if the situation called for it.

I never expected to see Lane so soon, but he knew how much I had been suffering and took it upon himself to arrange for us to talk things out. Over the few days we were apart, after Sophie and Mike revealed they completely fucked up my life, I’d gone over everything I wanted to say to her at least a million times. How sorry I was. How it was wrong for me not to try harder to make things work between us. I should’ve stood up to Sophie after she tried trapping me in a relationship I didn’t want for the sake of a child—a child that turned out to not even be mine.

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