Iris (Side story)

Hypocrite (Book #1)

Death Eater (Side story)

Heretic (Book #2, available now!)

Heathen (Book #3, available spring 2013)

Harlot (Book #4, available fall 2013)




My nightmares had changed. I’d hesitate to call it a blessing, but I didn’t see my sister's face anymore. Now I saw other people—Pierrot, Natalie, that one girl with the twin brother. I saw all those reapers I attacked, the ones I drank blood from. I saw the one I ate. The bitter flavor of his skin still lingered on my tongue. What had been Heaven for me then was Hell for me now. I killed them all over again, heard their cries, stifled their screams, until my eyes finally opened.

Worst of all, for some reason, I woke up horny.

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