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Anxiety – Control It Now”.

by Mark Bjaer

Copyright 2010 MY Books Ltd

Smashwords Edition

Hello and welcome to “Anxiety – Control It Now” from E – motion Downloads. My name is Mark Bajer, a Director of the London Human Givens Centre in the UK and a Human Givens Therapist, registered with the Human Givens Institute. Please make sure that you are not driving or operating any machinery, while you are listening to any part of this program. If you are, pause this recording now, and when you are resting in a comfortable place, you can continue.

During this audio track, I will gently guide you out of anxiety, and into inner peace and tranquillity, and before you begin to relax, I will just take a moment to tell you something about why our approach to controlling anxiety is so effective

E – motion Downloads are based on the Human Givens approach to emotional healing and mental health, the newest and most radical school of psychology in over 40 years.

This E – motion programme has been designed so that it can be used in between your sessions with a Human Givens Therapist, or on its own as a self-help tool.

Life can be stressful, and most people will have felt anxious at times. Many people are able to cope well with stressful situations, and find that anxiety can soon pass. For some people though, anxiety becomes a frequent, unbearable and unwelcome visitor, that torments with both physical and emotional symptoms that can reduce the quality of life. Sometimes, it can even become disabling, preventing people from engaging in pleasurable activities, or even turning them into prisoners in their own homes. It is not surprising, therefore, to find that most people seek rapid relief from anxiety, and can be tempted by offers of a drug that can quickly reduce anxiety symptoms, or other psychological treatments that promise results. Many people are often disappointed to find that some drugs can be unhelpful, or cause unpleasant side effects, or become ineffective when used over a longer period of time. Some psychological treatments appear to work quickly but the benefits don’t seem to last. Others ask for a long-term commitment to therapy programmes lasting for several years which can itself be distressing, and often disappointing in its results.

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