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And what will then happen is that you will be finding more balance in your life and often then, the emotional difficulties you may be experiencing (depression, anxieties, addictions, obsessions or whatever) will tend to fade.

Consider the life of an ordinary garden plant. We can say that as a living organism, the plant has essential needs – for nutritious soil, sufficient water and just enough of a warming sun. And we can all imagine how a plant will suffer if any of these essential needs are not being met in the right quantities. The plant would wither, droop, appear lifeless and the blooms would be weak and colourless. And of course, if we were tending that plant, we would know what to do when we noticed this withering and distress. To decide what essential plant need was not being met and set a goal to get that need met. And from that we might come up with a brief strategy – time, actions and sequences could be involved. And if we thought about it, we would be quite happy that the plant’s lack was evident from how the plant looked. Otherwise, how would we know that something needed to be done?

And so it is with human beings. We humans have essential needs. And these needs are such things as to connect and feel safe with other human beings, to work and to be stretched and to have status and a sense of achievement…… and things like that.

And you could say that this is what all of us spend all of our time doing –working to satisfy these needs (though we may not know it or see it that way).

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