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Leave Trauma Behind”.

by Mark Bjaer

Copyright 2010 MY Books Ltd

Smashwords Edition

Hello and welcome to “Leave Trauma Behind” from E – motion Downloads. My name is Mark Bajer, a Director of the London Human Givens Centre in the UK and registered with the Human Givens Institute. Please make sure that you are not driving or operating any machinery, while you are listening or reading any part of this program. If you are, pause this now, and when you are resting in a comfortable place, you can continue.

E – motion Downloads are based on the Human Givens approach to emotional healing and mental health, the newest and most radical school of psychology in over 40 years. Beginning in 1997, this new approach is now rapidly expanding throughout the UK, Europe and worldwide. You can find out more about the Human Givens by going to our web site; which contains information about our London based services, as well as links to the information provided by the Human Givens Institute, and the register of Human Givens Therapists including the London Human Givens Centre.

This E – motion “Leave Trauma Behind” programme has been designed so that it can be used in between your sessions with a Human Givens Therapist or as a self-help tool. Ideally you will have seen, or be seeing a Human Givens Therapist who will be able to work with you according to your individual needs. However, I know that many people do not yet have access to Human Givens Therapy, and therefore this download has been designed to be used as part of a self-help programme. All the information you need to work with this program can be found in the book “How to master anxiety” by Joe Griffin and Ivan Tyrrell, which is available through the Human Givens Institute website, and widely available in high street bookshops.

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