Right To The Top

Series Title: Port Hope Simpson Mysteries

Vol 7

By Llewelyn Pritchard

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2010 Llewelyn Pritchard

Right To The Top is the second of two novels of historical fiction based on unique first-hand experience in Port Hope Simpson, Labrador, Newfoundland, Canada that tells the continuing story of Richard Ap Meurig’s action adventures. Join him in his escapades as he seeks to rights the wrongs of the past. The underlying lesson in both books is how you can come to terms with something that really bothers you whilst simultaneously gaining great personal satisfaction and benefits along the way. The best of both worlds! Or, looked at in another way, how you can endeavour to resolve a series of coincidences, puzzles, mysteries or most grave, serious issues in such a way that your work will maybe benefit others....

Richard Ap Meurig pulled steadily back on the joystick…as his favourite Cherokee 629 single-prop aircraft climbed steeply out of the mountains around Solero on the rugged north-west coast of Majorca. His second thoughts hadn’t lasted very long when Gary Shepherd had phoned him partly because he couldn't resist when he heard $100,000 was on the table if he accepted the assignment.

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