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Wild Bay

Series Title: Port Hope Simpson Mysteries

Vol 6

By Llewelyn Pritchard

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2010 Llewelyn Pritchard

Chapter 1 Coming back; Chapter 2 The tombstone calls; Chapter 3 More questions; Chapter 4 Background research; Chapter 5 Celebrations; Chapter 6 There is certainly a world of difference about achievement between an idea that happens in the blink of an eye and its realisation over time; Chapter 7 A warning shot! Chapter 8 “God bless you! That would explain why we had to bury them in a concrete grave first of all and then later the tombstone was built on top of them,” said Sam. Chapter 9 Let them rest in peace.Chapter 10 He was The Supreme Woodsman. Chapter 11 In Portugal Chapter 12 He’s like a timber wolf. He never gives up. Chapter 13 Early next morning they started off on the famous Portuguese train journey the length of the country. Chapter 14 He felt like the ball in the middle of a non– stop game of pinball. Chapter 15 He realised he was up against a master in his own backyard. Chapter 16 It was a well-known fact in the Dominions Office in 1936 that Wrigglesworth and Commissioner Pomeroy had behaved irresponsibly and improperly in the conduct of their official duties. Chapter 17 “Did Sir James ever tell his family what was going on with his Manager at Wild Bay?" Chapter 18 But hush it up they did. Chapter 19 Neither of the two young men suspected the other because they were the best of friends Chapter 20 It didn't take Dawson very long to decide that a trip to Portugal was necessary. Chapter 21 Shall we see you at the opening ceremony tomorrow morning?" Chapter 22 The Community Hall was once again packed out.

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