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Translation: I’m holding out for Steve Burton.

I have erased from my memory things that did not ring true. Moving forward! However and wherever we pick her up, it's all doable, because she has always been a glass-is-half-full-of-wacky-juice kinda gal. In that way I'm just like my character, the queen of revisionist history. [Laughs] Just ignore the past and wear a great hat!”

Robin Strasser to TV GUIDE’s Michael Logan on Dorian’s political career in Washington

Translation: It wasn’t as bad as that one time in soap camp when Dorian married a woman!

Bradford Anderson: “Don’t say old. Veteran actors.”

Emily Wilson: “I didn’t even mean age-wise. I meant alumni.”

The GH co-stars point to the return of former superstars as one of the reasons GH is shooting up in the ratings in an interview with XFINITY’s Sara Bibel

Translation: Or Lynn Herring will cut us.

2013 is going to be a great year for Y&R!

CBS VP of Daytime Angelica McDaniel to UNCENSORED

Translation: Repeat after me — no more doppelgangers!

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