Last issue, UNCENSORED reported that, via leaked financial proposals, for the 2013 year, Prospect Park was scheduled to pay itself an Executive Producer salary fee of $1.9 million.

In response to my story about Prospect Park — entitled “Ca-Ching: What Prospect Park Is Expected To Make On The AMC And One Life Reboots!” — I was contacted by representatives of Prospect Park who issued the following statement:  "Prospect Park in fact has no plans to charge any production fees, including any producer or executive producer fees, in connection with the soaps AMC and ONE LIFE."

Turns out the leaked documents had been revised and I was given a slightly outdated one.

Meanwhile, reports that AMC and ONE LIFE would adopt a telenovela format once it hits online are untrue, Llanview co-head writer Thom Racina tells me.

Also, the recent cast and crew lists (read the AMC and ONE LIFE sections in “Soapileaks” below for more information), which were released by Prospect Park yesterday, are missing a credit for Head of Production Foz McDermott, who also suspiciously deleted his lively, interactive Twitter account. What’s up?

In a story only UNCENSORED can bring you, a Prospect Park spokesperson confirms McDermott has been let go from the online ventures. The start-up studio is looking for a replacement at press time.

UNCENSORED can also report, thanks to an inside source, that the narratives of AMC and ONE LIFE will be edgier “including the music.”

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