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Sequencing Activity,

Handwriting Activity,

Main Idea Activity,

Prediction Activity,

Comparison Activity

3. Have the student do Skills assigned to the lesson:

Literature Skill

Creative Writing Skill

Writing Skill

Poetry Writing Skill

Newspaper Writing Skill

Poster Board Activity

When the Newspaper writing activities are complete, have the student type them out and place them on two large poster boards to represent a newspaper lay out.

4. Have the student do the Fill Ins for the assigned lesson:

Fill in the blank

True and False

Multiple Choice


When all activities are done for one lesson, go on to the next lesson.

Here are the Activities. Do all 10 for each lesson (so each of these will be done 10 times)

1: Time Line Activity: Have the student use the book they are studying to fill out a time line indicating when anything new, interesting or important happens in the book.

2: Encyclopedia: Choose one subject from this lesson that interested you and look it up on the internet or in an encyclopedia. Write three or more interesting facts about the subject.

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