The Manamal Mystery of Cobb County – A True Story

Bert Marshall

Copyright Bert Marshall 2013

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The Manamal Mystery of Cobb County – A True Story by Bert Marshall

Every word of this tale is true. It was told to me in confidence, as the good people of Cobb County have locked-up the truth and until now, their secret has been hidden. For the record, they want their story told.

I am a reporter for the Marietta Journal and I’ve taken the liberty to bring this incredible tale to life, based on the interviews of twenty-seven residents who still reside peacefully in Cobb County, Georgia. Here it is as best as I can relate it and in their own words. As preposterous as it seems, every word is true - although their actual names have been changed to protect their identity.


Tanner yer so fulla crap yer eyes are brown!” The big man with narrow hips and wide shoulders stands slowly to his feet, re-tucks his flannel shirt to cover his washboard stomach and grabbing a pine knot, tosses it into the campfire. “Watch how real men stokes a fire.” The way he pronounces the word fire, sounds more like far due to his north Georgia accent.

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