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ISBN 978-1-61160-215-9


Cover Artist: Gemini Judson

Editor: Marsha Briscoe

Printed in the United States of America


To my loving husband, Bob, who encouraged me to follow my dream and my wonderful mother, Ramona Dotson Caveness, who inspired my love for books!

Chapter 1

A beautiful melody of orchestra music drifted within Cathryn Blankenship’s open bedroom window. Exasperated, she pulled back the curtains. She ignored the house ablaze with lights, the murmurs of voices, and stared into the darkened night sky. Most nights she never gave much thought to the wonderment of the sky nor the beauty of the radiant stars twinkling far from the reach of the insignificant being gazing up at its glory. And tonight was no different, except she bemoaned the fact there was no moonlight. How ever was she going to see?

She sighed. Of all things, her father, Governor John Rolf Blankenship, had sent her to her room! Her room! In the midst of the biggest dance of the year celebrating the Hampton Square Race, she had been admonished in the most humiliating fashion. She would never forgive her father! Never!

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