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The Way of the Warrior

Smashwords edition 2013

By Kate Everson

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I felt the wind whisper to me. It said, “Hold tight.”

I tightened my grip on the oak where I had climbed up to watch the stars that cold, black night and felt the tree comfort me with its mighty strength. I was alone, but not so alone. I could handle it.

Can you ... will you be my friend?” I asked, shakily, clinging to the tree with all my might.

Its only answer was a low moan coming from its roots. As the wind blew harder the mighty oak did not waver but held strong.

Will you be my friend?” I asked again.

I could barely see over the tops of the tree, but I knew that what I was asking was far higher than reality. It was almost beyond my grasp. It was infinity I wanted to claim. I needed it now.

The oak was a tall, sturdy, gnarled old thing, having watched over many field and forest for almost a hundred years. Its mighty branches were as long as the trunk was high, stretching out over places where rabbits had jumped and foxes quickly moved to catch the next meal.

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