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Pimped to Satan

by Joslyn Corvis
Cover by Dan Dillard

Pimped to Satan
Copyright February 2013 Joslyn Corvis
Published at Smashwords

The author relies upon money generated from sales of this e-book. Please do not share your copy, and if you like it, please encourage others to purchase a copy of their own. Your support is appreciated.

Honorable mention and special thanks to Dan Dillard, the Demon Author
( ) for providing the cover art.

Also, thanks to Kim for taking an interest in this story. When I first told you the premise and you laughed, I thought I might be on to something. Our conversations about pregnant men that later ensued were quite, well, hilarious.

Lynelle, Ed and Audrey, Lisa, Haney, Melody, Kyle, Stan, Lucio, and to one of my besties whose name shall not be mentioned because she hates horror and loves her privacy, but she knows who she is---Thanks for supporting my writing and for your friendship, even when I’m being a spaz. Which is most of the time.

Also, BIG THANKS to author Sumiko Saulson; Jeff Patrick of “The Dark Angel Chronicles”; Dreaded Jenocide: Mistress of All Trades with a Midas touch in everything she does; up-and-coming writer Jon Funes; Rich “R.P.” Steeves, author of “Misty Johnson, Supernatural Dick”; Tristan Slaughter, author of “Helpless Minds,” Randy and Walter: Killers”, and “Butterflies in Blood: Black Edition;” the author of “Watchers” and “Rancid” P.A. Douglas; artist Christopher Marsh (a.k.a. Weird Avenue on Facebook); Horror host Mod Ghoul and his beautiful Angel (love ya, Sis!); Patrick Prejusa of “Monster Cops” fame and creator of the new movie “Redd” (You can check out Monster Cops and Redd on, Twitter, Facebook, and of course Youtube); Slavyan Yorgakiev, author of “The Living Treasure”; Todd Crawford, author of “The Constellations Cycle” and “The Pilgrimage”; and to the many others out there whom I have befriended through their work. Big thanks for all of your support and encouragement!

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