Cell Tales – Volume 1

By Jimmy Seay

Copyright 2012 Jimmy Seay

Chapter 1 – Tim’s Tale

Tim was on his bunk, he couldn’t figure any way out of his predicament. After breakfast this morning, Tim’s two cellies had informed him that tonight he was becoming a punk! 

Tim had only been in the prison for three days. He didn’t know what he could do; snitching would probably get him shanked! 

The 20 year old had minutes before his cellies returned. He looked around the small cell and stared at the floor. Maybe they had just been fucking with his head? That had to be it! 

It wasn’t it at all; Wade and Jesus fully intended to turn Tim out. Any punk was a commodity in prison, but a young fresh one was indeed a treasure! After they had fully broken him in, he could bring them in plenty of money. A young punk could bring in a carton of cigarettes for a one trick! 

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