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Before you read DIRTY WORK...

Be sure to read the first two books in the Jason Cosmo Non-Trilogy:


Simple woodcutter Jason Cosmo learns the Dark Magic Society has put a ten million crown price on his head. On the run from bounty hunters, demons, and worse, he teams with wizard Mercury Boltblaster to discover the truth in a madcap romp across the Eleven Kingdoms and into the heart of the Incredibly Dark Forest.


Turnip farmer-turned-hero Jason Cosmo is sure the royal wedding of his best friend, wizard Mercury Boltblaster, and Queen Raella will go off without a hitch. But when an assassin's crossbow cuts the ceremony short, the Eleven Kingdoms are plunged into a war of magic and mayhem.

What Others are Saying About JASON COSMO

"Energetic fantasy adventure...McGirt seems prepared to stoop to the lowest literary levels to set up a joke...gleefully employs coincidence, improbability, and a downright flouting of the laws of narrative.”

Publishers Weekly

“A rare gem of a novel in a dump truck filled with standard fare fantasy gravel....this is an adventurous comedic rampage of a fantasy novel.”

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