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Wholistic Solutions for the Home

Simple Natural Recipes for Cleaning Yourself & Your Home

From the Kitchen to the Bathroom & Everything in Between

By Melissa Roloff

Wholistic Solutions for the Home was created from my massive jumble of notes and long stored recipes and ideas of healthy green homemade cleaning supplies and body care.  I am a recipe collector. I adore them, but I have to constantly play with them and change them until they are using the best gentlest ingredients that I know of.  I have always been intrigued with all the various aspects of being able to make things from scratch, and I have always enjoyed passing on my own personal take on cleaning recipes to family and friends. I know that not everyone has the time to sort through and try all the many different DIY green home products that you can find online. So at last I have put together an assortment of the products I use myself the most. Not only is there is something so therapeutic about making my own home products myself and storing them in pretty glass or simple canning jars. The whole experience from beginning, all the way until my family is using them, is very satisfying.  I hope you enjoy making these recipes and ideas your own!

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